Cherry Hill Camping Resort
1325 South Main
Kaysville, UT
Cherry Hill Camping Resort
Jul 18,2011 ~ Jul 20,2011
Cost per night $36.00
Our Rating 8/9/9

See what we did here:
07/18/2011    07/19/2011    07/20/2011   

We went to Smiths Pharmacy for DW Rx, and to Ritz Camera to pick up a "Puffer" for the camera. We visited Temple Square in Salt Lake City. DH gave DW her Rx shot in the bum. He did a great job. We played mini-golf. DH kicked our butts! DS hit a few balls in the batting cages.

On the second day we drove to Antelope Island. DS and DW swam in Salt Lake. It was very salty. DS accidentally got a drop of water in his eye and it burned! There were billions of flies on the edge of the water. We had lunch by the lake. After lunch we drove around the park. We saw several Antelopes. When we got back to the camper DW and DS went to the water park. DH washed the RV while we went. He did a great job.

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